Hunting FAQs – The Hunting Grounds

Hunting FAQs


Q. What are the restrictions on weapons used in the state of Missouri and how do they apply to The Hunting Grounds?

A. There are no firearm restrictions that apply when hunting with us. You may use any type of weapon you want when hunting with us. Whether you choose a pistol, shotgun, rifle, bow, crossbow it is your choice.

Q. What is the hunting like in the state of Missouri?

A. We are a privately owned hunting preserve with locations in Caulfield and Willow Springs, which is high fenced, and established the rolling hills of thick ground cover, towering oak, maple, pine, and dogwood trees, cedar, blackberry, and wild rose thickets of the lower Ozark Mountains in Missouri.  Our hunting bi-laws differ from the normal rules and regulations set by the state for what is known as fair chase preserve hunting.

Q. What happens if the opportunity does not present itself?

A. You may come back on a mutually agreeable date this season or next year.

Q. Are there any Trophy Fees or any other fees in addition to your price quote?

A. No.  However, there are four things that are not included in the quoted cost of the hunt and they include; your taxidermy work, local processing fee, any shipping fees, and a suggested tip to your guide.

Q. When does hunting season begin and end?

A.Velvet hunts begin around the second or third week of August.  The hard antler harvest will begin around Mid-September.  Our hunting season usually ends around February 1st.


Q. What is the cost for a non-hunting guest?

A. There is a fee of $200.00 per night for each non-hunting guest, children 15 and under are free.

Q. Is a hunter’s safety card required for any one born after 1975?

A.  Yes

Q.  Can I upgrade once I get there and can I harvest more than one deer?

A.  You can upgrade and harvest more than one deer, elk, or red stag for an additional cost.

Q.  Is there a opportunity for bow hunters?

A.  Yes you may bring your bow or crossbow.

Q.  Can I hunt with my bow for the first few hunts, and then switch over to a firearm should I not have any success with my bow?

A.  Yes, this is not a problem.

Q.  Do you offer Corporate Discounts?

A.  Yes. Contact our foreman Bo for more information.

Q.  Do you furnish references?

A.  Yes, upon request.

Q.  What rifle caliber do you recommend?

A.  We recommend at least a .243 or larger for whitetail deer. 300 caliber, 30-06, 30-30 is an ideal rifle caliber for most deer hunting to include bull stag and elk. Please ensure that you bring ammunition that is specific to hunting where the round will mushroom upon impact. Do not bring hard tip or full metal jacket rounds for hunting as you will have a more difficult time tracking the game and cause loss to your harvest.